2 Misconceptions About Cosmetic Care

womanwonderingAre you feeling quite sure you have recently become a master of all things related to cosmetic care? If you’ve become informed that cosmetic dentistry improves the way your smile looks, then you are certainly headed in the right direction. However, depending on where you have been gathering your information (for instance, from friends and family), you may discover that you have stumbled across a couple details that don’t sound quite right. Allow us to clear up a couple misconceptions, so you may continue polishing your knowledge.

Misconception #1: Cosmetic Care Is For People In Their 20s and 30s

You may worry that you are not in the correct age bracket to receive cosmetic dentistry treatments. This is nothing to worry about! In fact, we offer cosmetic care, such as teeth whitening, to most patients. From late teens to individuals in their 90s (or potentially beyond), patients in search of a more beautiful smile can attain their goals provided their oral health is in good condition (or they first receive restorative care). The only exception? Children and young teens are often ineligible for some treatments because their smiles are still developing. Let us know if you have questions.

Misconception #2: You Can Repair Damaged Teeth With Veneers

In some instances, we may choose to provide you with porcelain veneers to address significant cosmetic damage. However, we will not offer this cosmetic dentistry treatment for patients dealing with damage that affects oral health. Here’s how to distinguish between these two types of damage: If you’re experiencing a stain, tiny chip, or craze line that is unsightly and affects the esthetic value of your teeth – but does not damage their function or health, it’s cosmetic damage. If the problem has compromised the function, structure, or wellbeing of your tooth or entire smile, it is not considered cosmetic.


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