2 Reasons To Take Endodontics Seriously

reasoncloudsWe understand that your hesitation to schedule endodontic care likely has more to do with your uncertainty regarding endodontics than the fact that you don’t take it seriously. However, when it comes to this field of specialization within dentistry, if we suggest a treatment, the recommendation comes with a great deal of urgency. Not sure why? Allow us to offer clarification regarding why you should set up your appointment ASAP.

Reason #1: To Prevent Additional Problems

Once the oral health problem you are experiencing requires endodontic care, you are no longer dealing with the outer portion of your tooth but the more difficult to access, interior part of your tooth. As you know, once the interior part of your tooth is exposed to bacteria, becomes infected, or becomes damaged in some way, it will not repair itself. As a result, we commonly suggest removing the dental pulp with a procedure called a root canal treatment. The goal is to prevent damage to nearby structures and to save the tooth.

Reason #2: Tooth Replacement Is Costly

The goal is always to save your natural tooth because your tooth already provides you with the function you need, it completes the appearance of your smile, and it helps keep your jawbone healthy by stimulating the tissue when you bite down. If you lose the tooth, we strongly suggest you replace it, which may result in costly prosthetic placement. More budget-friendly and cost effective is the decision to choose endodontic care, so you can keep your tooth and protect your jaw instead of dealing with an extraction and additional restorative services. 


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