3 Common Missteps: Your Child’s Smile

questionmarkgearsWhen it comes to making sure your child’s smile is healthy and safe, the last thing you want to think is that you might be making mistakes. First, recognize that if you are making sure your child is brushing and flossing every day, you are already doing a wonderful job. When it comes to little missteps, however, we would like you to focus on a few areas of children’s dentistry that can offer additional protection to developing smiles.

First Misstep: Skipping Sealants

If you have been spending time thinking about the children’s dentistry treatment known as dental sealants – but you haven’t made plans for them – we suggest making this a priority. Sealants create a barrier that keeps plaque and food particles from becoming lodged in the chewing surfaces of back teeth. This boils down to one fact: Sealants offer exceptional protection against tooth decay for your child.

Second Misstep: Assuming Sedation Isn’t An Option

If your child has special needs or suffers from anxiety regarding dental care, you may assume that there’s simply nothing you can do to promote a more comfortable visit. The truth of the matter is that we offer sedation, so our patients can feel relaxed and calm during visits – this can include anything from a checkup to a restorative treatment.

Third Misstep: Missing Preventive Visits

If you feel like preventive children’s dentistry visits are no big deal, think again. Cleanings help keep your child’s smile safe against cavities and gingivitis because we can remove the plaque missed during brushing and flossing. If you’re missing these six-month visits, your child’s brushing and flossing efforts will not prove as beneficial as hoped.


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