3 Common Tooth Brushing Questions

questionanswerpuzzleAre you finding that you have questions about brushing your teeth that you’ve never brought up during your preventive care visits with us before? Perhaps you figure that the answers are all based on common sense, so you feel somewhat embarrassed bringing them up. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised by answers to a variety of dental hygiene related questions. Sometimes they’re obvious – and sometimes they are just the opposite of what you might have thought. Get started with finding answers to your inquiries with a Q&A session (and ask the rest the next time we see you!).

Questions and Answers: Brushing

Question: How should I feel about my dental hygiene routine? Should I look at it as a time to gently and thoroughly clean my teeth? Or should it be a vigorous experience?

Answer: Stick with the first option. By using a light touch as you brush, you ensure that you remove problematic bacteria, plaque, and food particles without leading to abraded teeth or gums.

Question: Is it possible that my receding gumline has something to do with years of intense brushing?

Answer: Yes, if you brush too hard or vigorously, your gums may become irritated and pull away from your teeth. This can promote sensitive teeth and additional problems. Speak with us about improving your gum health, while we offer tips for gentle yet effective brushing.

Question: If I’m not using much pressure, how will my teeth ever become clean?

Answer: It’s all about the duration of your dental hygiene session and your consistency. As long as you are brushing your teeth daily (two times a day) and each time you brush, you do so for two minutes, your smile will remain nice and clean. (It’s also important that you schedule preventive care appointments with us for super-clean teeth).


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