3 Major Threats Of Sleep Apnea

steps123primaryYou know that sleep apnea robs you of nightly sleep, which is why you feel tired all day and experience other frustrating symptoms. What you may not know is that this sleep disorder can actually present your life and the life of those around you with a variety of challenging and sometimes dangerous threats. The bad news in this case is that when it comes to your health or your relationships, this can become quite problematic. The great news is that by treating the issue at hand, you can quickly protect yourself from both the immediate and long-term side effects.

It Will Exhaust You

You may not have considered how severely exhaustion can affect your daily life. First, feeling fatigued every single day is uncomfortable and makes it hard to function. Your exhaustion will only continue to worsen as you suffer from sleep apnea, which yields other annoying problems. You will find that concentrating on even basic tasks becomes difficult. Others may accuse you of becoming quite moody. You will even notice that you suffer from headaches, your mouth feels dry in the morning, and a sore throat when you wake up is not uncommon. Sound exhausting yet?

It Might Exhaust Your Partner

Unfortunately, even if the person sleeping next to you at night does not suffer from sleep apnea – he or she will experience most if not all of the symptoms you’re dealing with on a daily basis. When you wake up, your significant other will likely wake, too. The result? You guessed it: Exhaustion.

It May Affect Your Health

Over time, your inability to sleep through the night (and the repeated episodes when you stop breathing) will result in serious health problems. This can include problems with your liver, an increased likelihood of cardiac problems, and even hypertension. 


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