3 Questions To Ask About Sedation

3 Questions to Ask about SedationAre you planning on receiving sedation dentistry from us during your next visit? Is this simply something you’re hoping will happen because you are in need of restorative care but your anxiety is keeping you from scheduling the treatment? If so, it is always wise to consider some questions to ask us that will allow you to feel well informed about your options.

Question #1: What Type Is Right For Me?

Not sure which type of sedation is right for you? We won’t know either until we have a discussion with you. Do yourself a favor and schedule a time to meet with us, so we may ensure you are fit for sedation (and so we may suggest the option that best suits your relaxation needs).

Question #2: Will I Need A Ride Home?

It’s a good idea to ask us how to prepare for your visit. For instance, ask us whether you will need a ride to our practice (and if you will need a ride home). You may also be curious about what you may or may not eat or drink before your visit – we will be happy to inform you. Keep in mind that if you choose nitrous oxide, you may drive yourself to and from your visit. Other forms of sedation dentistry typically require you to secure a ride.

Question #3: Will I Feel Relaxed?

Do you understand logically that when you receive sedation dentistry, you will feel extremely relaxed – however, your dental anxiety does not always respond to logic? If so, we invite you to ask your questions. Ask us how relaxed you will can expect to feel, how long it will take for the sedative to kick in, and any other relevant question. We simply want you to feel at ease.


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