3 Reasons To Choose Sealants For Your Child

reasonsblocksWhen you bring your child in for a pediatric dental visit, chances are good we will suggest dental sealants for tooth decay prevention. It’s true that daily brushing and flossing (and those pediatric visits) make up the bulk of preventive care. However, because children are still developing their ability to provide themselves with optimal dental hygiene, we suggest choosing sealants as an extra measure to safeguard your child’s smile. Consider a few compelling reasons to choose sealants.

Reason #1: Your Child Is Still Mastering Dental Hygiene

We suggest placing dental sealants on your child’s back teeth – and rarely your own – partially because your child is still mastering dental hygiene. Rather than teach your child that he or she needs to brush back tooth surfaces more thoroughly by allowing tooth decay to develop, we suggest you provide your son or daughter with the luxury of developing confidence in brushing habits through the natural progression that occurs with practice.

Reason #2: They Will Last A Long Time

Dental sealants are not something you will choose for your child that will require any sort of significant upkeep. Your child will continue to care for his or her teeth in the usual manner and the sealants will continue to offer protection against tooth decay. Because they may last 10 years or more, you will not need to pay repeatedly for this treatment either. With a single investment, you can potentially avoid the need for restorative treatments like fillings in the future.

Reason #3: There’s No Drawback

The dental sealants are clear, so your child will not notice them. They are also extremely thin and made of plastic – your child will not be able to feel them with his or her tongue. The sole function of a sealant is to protect the chewing surface of your little one’s back teeth, so bacteria, food, and plaque cannot find hiding spaces.


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