3 Reasons To Treat Congestion

reasonssignYou know the general reasons to treat congestion: It’s frustrating, it means something isn’t quite right with your overall health, and you’re tired of carrying tissues with you everywhere. However, have you ever made the connection between oral health issues and congestion? If not, let’s add a few reasons to treat this frustrating issue to your list. As a result, you will find that keeping those air passages open can contribute to more beneficial aspects of your health than you may have imagined.

Reason #1: It Can Dull Your Taste

You may have recognized by now that your sense of smell strongly influences your sense of taste. As a result, when you are congested, whether it’s due to a cold, allergies, or otherwise, you may find that the foods and drinks you usually consume taste flavorless. Address that congestion and you’ll be pleased as the flavors return. If you’re suffering from a chronic issue, you may wish to consult with your primary care physician.

Reason #2: It May Worsen Sleep Apnea

Did you know that congestion can make sleep apnea worse? This oral health concern occurs when your throat muscles and tissues collapse, causing momentary lapses in breathing during sleep. To address this issue, the goal is to keep your airways as open as possible to promote consistent breathing. This, in conjunction with sleep apnea treatment, is very beneficial.

Reason #3: It Can Make Your Teeth Hurt

One of the most frustrating symptoms that can cause worry about your oral health is discomfort. If your teeth hurt, it can be a sign that one of a number of issues (from tooth decay to infection or bruxism) is occurring. A good reason to address congestion? It causes pressure, which may cause your teeth to ache (and mislead you into thinking your teeth are unhealthy).


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