3 Secret Benefits Of Whitening

benefitsgreensignWhile there are no hidden secrets of teeth whitening we are keeping from you, there are certainly some benefits that patients tend to overlook or simply don’t know about. If you are someone considering brightening up your smile, you might want whitening but have made some assumptions that are causing you to hesitate on moving forward. Before you toss this exciting opportunity to the side, we encourage you to learn a bit more – you may find it’s just what you have been seeking!

Benefit #1: You Can Whiten Immediately

Thinking that it’s just too late to seek teeth whitening because you only wanted it before a big event? Instead, do you plan on just doing your best to hide your smile? Whether it’s a wedding, party, picture day, or otherwise, don’t fret – we offer whitening that requires only one hour of your time. Call us ASAP, so we can put your appointment on the books and you can whiten before your deadline.

Benefit #2: It Doesn’t Cause Sensitivity

You might be avoiding teeth whitening because you have heard from a friend that “it leads to sensitivity.” This is not exactly accurate. Over-the-counter whitening products can lead to serious sensitivity. Professional whitening – though it can lead to very brief sensitivity – is formulated to keep your teeth comfortable and safe. Come in to whiten your smile, while keeping your teeth in wonderful condition.

Benefit #3: Benefits Are Dramatic

You might imagine that teeth whitening with us will lift the shade of your smile by a shade or two. However, the whitening we offer truly is astounding! You can expect several shades of brightening for a smile that looks vibrant and beautiful.


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