3 Signs That You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

3 Signs The You Need Sleep Apnea TreatmentJust because you snore doesn’t mean that you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but if your snoring follows a specific pattern, it might hint at the sleep disorder. OSA means that you periodically stop breathing in your sleep due to a blockage in your airway, and snoring is a telltale sign that your airway is obstructed.

If snoring doesn’t give it away, then you might realize you have sleep apnea, and should therefore seek treatment soon, by recognizing a few of its other signs.

1. You Snore…Loudly

If rolling over in your sleep stops you from snoring, then you likely don’t have sleep apnea. On the contrary, snoring associated with OSA will grow increasingly louder as your airway closes, and then stop only when you can no longer breathe. When your body is forced to breathe, the noise will begin again, become louder again, and then stop again, following a pattern that repeats itself up to hundreds of times a night.

2. You Wake Up Suddenly, Short of Breath

Usually, your brain will force your body to start breathing without rousing you from consciousness. Sometimes, however, the lack of oxygen will cause enough panic to jolt you awake, gasping for air. If this occurs more than once, then you should speak with your dentist about sleep apnea during your next visit.

3. You Feel Sleep Deprived, But Don’t Know Why

The rapid repetition of apnic episodes in a single night will prevent you from entering deep REM levels of sleep, which your mind and body need to properly rest. Before long, you can begin experiencing symptoms of sleep deprivation even though you believe you’re sleeping soundly every night. Inability to concentrate, excessive daytime drowsiness and fatigue, and other warning signs might be a result of undiagnosed sleep apnea.


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