3 Simple Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay

3 Simple Tips to Prevent Tooth DecayYou know that keeping your smile clean is the best way to prevent tooth decay. However, when you are not exactly sure about how to keep your smile clean throughout the day, you may wonder if there’s something you’re missing. Brushing in the morning and again at night is helpful, of course, but could you be doing more? The answer is – yes! There are some simple extra efforts you can make to offer yourself that much more protection.

Tip #1: Rinse Then Brush After Meals

Morning and evening brushing is wonderful – don’t stop this portion of your dental hygiene to protect yourself from tooth decay. However, you know that foods and drinks that rest on your teeth throughout the day increase your chance of developing a cavity. Rather than ignoring the problem, carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Rinse your mouth after a meal or snack, wait 30 minutes, then brush.

Tip #2: Drink More Water

Are you in a situation (such as in class) that makes it very difficult to brush your teeth after snacks? If rinsing and brushing isn’t an option, we suggest reducing your chances of tooth decay by drinking more water. Skip the sports drinks, sodas, and juices, which are all acidic (and promote cavity development) and reach for water instead. Water rinses away bacteria and food particles.

Tip #3: Chew More Sugarless Gum

Another wonderful option for rinsing away bacteria, while removing plaque and food debris is chewing sugarless gum. In addition to physically dislodging debris and plaque from your teeth, it increases saliva production. A moist mouth is a mouth that rinses bacteria from your teeth, so they stay nice and healthy.


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