3 Ways Endodontic Care Protects Your Oral Health

tootharrowcircleWhen we tell patients they need endodontic care for oral health improvement, they often look at us with concern in their eyes. This happens for a variety of reasons – in part, because patients are not sure what to make of endodontics and also because specialized care can sound overwhelming. First, allow us to explain. Endodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on the inside of your tooth, such as the dental pulp and tooth roots. Now that you’ve got that cleared up, allow us to provide you with some helpful examples of how endodontics can protect your smile.

#1: Endodontics Removes Infection

First things first, when your tooth becomes infected, you typically have two options: The infection will get worse and worse, which may turn into an abscess and the need for a dental extraction. Or, you can save your tooth with endodontic care. This usually includes a root canal treatment to remove infection.

#2: Endodontics Restores Tooth Structure

In some cases, you will require the restored structure of your tooth after the endodontic care treatment called root canal therapy. We will cover your tooth with a crown. In other instances, you will need an apicoectomy, which involves removing the tip of your root and filling the area.

#3: This Type Of Care Prevents Future Infection

If you suffer from an infection, relying on endodontic care can actually prevent future infections from occurring. Here’s why: Any tiny opening in your tooth allows bacteria to invade your tooth. When we treat your tooth, we fill, seal, and cover it – as a result, bacteria have no way to get back in.


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