3 Ways Hygiene Affects More Than Just Teeth And Gums

3asphaltOf course, the primary reason we suggest you practice optimal dental hygiene is to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. AS a result, you can expect to enjoy good oral health and a functioning, comfortable smile for life. However, we encourage you to think beyond the basics and consider a few ways keeping up with hygiene can benefit you! It can add a bit of motivation when you’re feeling a little unenthusiastic about brushing and flossing.

#1: Helps You Avoid Bad Breath

Patients often overlook the fact that dental hygiene directly affects their ability to maintain a healthy mouth that smells good. If you’re skipping out on portions of your hygiene or aren’t giving it your all, bacteria will hide, multiply, and accumulate in your mouth. Bad news: They give off unpleasant odors. Good news: A clean mouth generally smells wonderful.

#2: Protects Your Future Appearance

You likely recognize that avoiding dental hygiene will result in a cavity and other problems but you might not think about how severely decay, infection, and periodontal problems can affect the way you look. The more emphasis you place on keeping your smile healthy, the better it will continue to appear.

#3: Maintains Dental Work

If you neglect dental hygiene, you may be shortening the life of any dental work you have (such as crown, fillings, implants, etc.). Just like your teeth, your restorations need maintenance too, so they last a long time, look beautiful, and continue offering the function you need.

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