5 Foods that are Bad for Your Smile




















There are a number of things you can do to promote good dental health. Brushing your teeth, flossing regularly, and attending checkups and dental cleanings all improve the health and appearance of your smile, often helping you avoid tooth decay. However, your diet is a vital component of good oral health. With that in mind, we look at five foods that are bad for your smile.

5 Foods Linked to Poor Dental Health

5. Chewing Gum: When you chew gum, you essentially coat your teeth in a layer of sugar. Over time, sugar leads to plaque buildup, increasing the risk of tooth decay. We suggest chewing sugar-free gum, which not only reduces cavity risks, but also promotes saliva production. Saliva is the body’s natural means of removing bacteria and food particles.

4. Ice: Hard foods, such as ice or candy, can chip or even fracture your teeth. If you have a filling, crown, or orthodontics, ice can damage these. Avoid chewing on ice or hard candy.

3. Soda: Soda contains a huge amount of sugar. As we discussed above, sugar increases the odds of tooth decay forming. In addition, soda doesn’t hydrate very well. We recommend water, which cleanses the mouth, contains no harmful sugars, and hydrates the body.

2. Sticky Snacks: Sticky candy can become stuck in your teeth or orthodontics. The sugary content means that these bits of food adhering to your teeth can lead to cavities. Even dried fruit can be harmful if it becomes stuck to your teeth.

1. Sports Drinks: Unfortunately, children and parents alike assume sports drinks are a healthy option and consume them like they would water. Sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and have a high acid content. Once again, we recommend water!

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