5 Ways Smoking Hurts Your Smile














Do you smoke or use other tobacco products? If so, you may be endangering your smile. Smoking can lead to serious dental health complications, ranging from periodontal disease to tooth loss. To protect your smile, we recommend quitting immediately. Today, we’re taking a look at just five examples of what smoking can do to your smile.

5 Examples of How Smoking Hurts Your Dental Health

Remember, these risks aren’t just associated with cigarette use. Cigars, smokeless tobacco, and snuff can all lead to the same complications, hurting your smile and your overall health. The health and esthetics of your smile are threatened, but it’s never too late to quit!

5. Implant Failure: When you smoke, this interferes with how the gums function, causing the connective tissue between implants and gums to deteriorate and causing implant failure.

4. Bad Breath: Tobacco usage often leads to chronic bad breath, or halitosis. For fresher breath, we recommend quitting!

3. Teeth Stains: When you smoke, you increase the risk of developing unsightly yellow stains on your teeth. This is because smoking boosts the amount of plaque on your teeth.

2. Periodontal Disease: People who smoke experience a greater risk of developing gum disease and a reduced blood flow to the gums, which reduces the body’s ability to heal and often leads to infection. This can also elevate the risk of adult tooth loss.

1. Oral Cancer: Finally, cigarette usage may lead to the onset of oral cancer. Each year, over 43,000 people ate diagnosed with oral cancer. Of that number, only half will survive the following five years. We strongly recommend you quit smoking or using any tobacco products. There are tons of valuable resources online to help you, including smokefree.gov.

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