A More Comfortable, Convenient Way to Straighten Teeth

smileneutralAre you unhappy with your smile because of misaligned teeth? If you feel you are ready to improve the appearance of your smile, we offer thoughtfully selected orthodontic care to help you reach your goal in comfort. Rather than relying on metal braces, we offer ClearCorrect, a teeth-straightening system that offers improved comfort and convenience when compared with traditional braces.

Comfortable Teeth Straightening?
You may still experience some discomfort associated with the shifting of your teeth. However, unlike the side effects of traditional braces, which can include rubbing of metal against your soft inner cheek tissue, wire indentations, minor abrasions, or accidentally catching your tongue on a bracket, ClearCorrect offers improved comfort. This system uses clear plastic aligner trays custom-fitted to your teeth. The trays are smooth, so you will not experience additional irritation.

Emotional Comfort Is Important, Too
For some patients, the most traumatic part of considering orthodontic care is the emotional aspect. Some individuals feel worried about how they will look in front of others – this is particularly true for students and professionals. Rather than feeling stressed about your appearance as the result of a mouth full of metal, you can feel confident with clear, barely visible aligner trays. Most people will not notice you are receiving treatment, so you may continue feeling like yourself.

Trays Offer Convenience
Metal braces are fixed, which means you cannot remove them to eat or drink or brush your teeth. Fortunately, ClearCorrect aligner trays are removable. While we will suggest you wear them for around 20 to 22 hours each day, you may take them out when you need to. For example, when you’re eating or drinking certain beverages, you can take your trays out. And when you are ready to brush and floss, you will not need to make any special adjustments to your daily hygiene routine. You’ll simply need to rinse your trays or give them a quick brush, and you will be done.

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