Addressing Your Questions About Sedation Dentistry

relaxedwomantankFinding out that you have access to sedation dentistry for relaxing dental care is something that most patients feel extremely happy about. However, just as soon as that relief sets in and allows you to feel empowered, you may find that there are some doubts that make a sudden and unwelcome appearance. For instance, you might start to wonder if sedation is going to put a cramp in the rest of your day or what exactly you should expect from your visit while you’re under sedation. Rest easy – we offer gentle nitrous oxide and the answers to your questions will quickly restore your newfound sense of confidence.

Question: Will I be unconscious during my visit?

Answer: No, you will not be unconscious. We only offer conscious sedation, which means you will be awake the entire time. However, you will feel nice and relaxed, so you can enjoy your visit without worry or tension.

Question: Will a friend or loved one need to drive me home after my visit? Can I drive myself home?

Answer: In most cases, we will provide you with laughing gas, which means you will be able to drive yourself home. You will also be able to go about your usual plans. Unlike other forms of sedation, nitrous oxide wears off very fast once we complete your appointment.

Question: How do I find out if I qualify for sedation dentistry?

Answer: The best way to find out if you qualify for sedation is to visit us for a consultation. We will need to speak with you about your feelings regarding dental care to ensure we provide you with the best option for your needs. In addition, it is extremely important that we determine you are healthy enough to receive sedation, which we may discover by discussing your health history.

Question: Do I have to choose sedation if I am afraid of injections? Do you offer other solutions?

Answer: You may choose sedation for this purpose but it is not necessary. We offer injection-free topical anesthetic, which means you may be able to achieve the numbing you need without the use of a sedative (and without needles).


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