Benefits Of Digital X-Rays

xraythumbsupDuring your preventive care visits, you will notice that we incorporate the use of digital X-rays for a closer look at the deep, intricate workings of your smile and supportive structures. While this may be one of those aspects of your checkup that you never thought much about before, we are always more than happy to provide you with details regarding your care if you find yourself interested in learning more. When it comes to the dental technology we use to outfit our practice, you will typically discover that our choices provide you with improved convenience and comfort.

Capturing Images Is Convenient

With conventional X-rays, the process is complex. We need to capture the images, process and develop the film, and then provide you with a tangible copy of the image. Fortunately, digital X-rays are much more convenient. With the tap of a button after we place a small sensor in your oral cavity, we can capture an image that we upload right away into our computer system. The result? Near instant viewing of your smile’s inner workings.

Digital Offers A “Green” Approach

About all of those materials required of traditional X-rays: Digital X-rays produce very little waste, if any. You see, we will not need to use film, chemicals to process that film, or provide you with an image other than what we display on a computer screen. The result is a green approach to dental care.

Digital Imaging Is Safer For You

Just like they are safe for the environment, digital X-rays are safer for people, too. You will be happy to learn that when compared with the radiation output of conventional X-rays, digital imaging releases a significantly reduced amount of radiation.


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