Understanding The Benefits of White Fillings

sidesmilewhiteYou know that tooth decay is bad and that your cavity has got to go. But why everyone is so happy about white fillings may be a little too much for you to take in. After all, most people you know have gotten a cavity or two and it’s never been something to smile about before. Become familiar with why this restorative treatment is so fantastic, and you might find yourself pretty excited, too.

It’s Not White-White, It’s Tooth-Colored

We call them “white fillings” just like we refer to our teeth as “white.” But as we all know, teeth come in a wide variety of shades, few of which are truly white. This is why you may hear this treatment referred to as a “tooth-colored filling.” The composite material used to treat your cavity is color-customizable. This means that your dentist will match your filling to your tooth so the finished product appears natural and seamless.

They Last and Last

Sure, in the very beginning when white fillings were still being developed and perfected, they were not made of the sturdy material they are today. Now, however, white fillings often last for years and years. Why? Unlike metal fillings, which tend to shrink and grow, either fracturing your tooth or falling out, composite fillings bond to your tooth. This means they are more likely to stay in place while protecting, not damaging, your tooth.

They Don’t Require Much Room

Metal – or amalgam – fillings simply require more room in your tooth. This means that when your dentist cleans out your cavity, additional tooth tissue may be taken away, too. With white fillings, however, you may be able to preserve a greater portion of your tooth. This encourages a tooth that is less likely to break and more likely to remain healthy for many years to come.

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