Beware These Questionable Oral Care Product Ingredients

Potentially harmful ingredientsFrom the foods we eat to the makeup and body care products we use in our daily routine, we are constantly introducing chemicals and compounds that are not naturally found in our body. Sometimes the harmful nature of these substances is more obvious, such as with consuming excessive alcohol, using tobacco, and making unhealthy choices about our diet. Other times, you do so without being fully aware. This is especially true for toiletries and hygiene products, including mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, and even body lotion. We encourage our patients to choose oral care products that are free of questionable ingredients.

Harmful Effects of One or Two Ingredients
Several components make up your mouth; these include your teeth, gum tissue, jawbone, and the joints and muscles in your jaw. If something is amiss with even one of these parts, the whole system suffers, such as with TMJ disorders. Now, think about your oral hygiene in a similar way. Say that you have just lost one of your teeth. Instead of visiting your dentist for a dental prosthetic, you simply let it go. After all, what harm could a single missing tooth do? Quite a bit, actually. When an adult loses a tooth, it kicks off a chain reaction that takes a toll on other parts of your mouth. Your surrounding teeth shift and weaken, and your jaw may become sore and stiff as it compensates for a misaligned bite. The same can be said of long-term exposure to harmful ingredients in your oral care products.

Questionable Ingredients in Oral Care Products
Toothpaste is the starting point of any oral health regimen. Realistically speaking, it is most likely the first and last personal care product you use every single day. As you shop for toothpaste, check ingredients labels for triclosan. Triclosan, an aromatic, chlorinated compound, has been linked to allergic reactions and disruption of hormone levels in the body. It has been shown that triclosan, which the EPA categorizes as a pesticide, can build up in the body over time. The FDA lists it as potentially harmful, too.
Then there’s diethanolamine, or DEA, which may actually disrupt normal function of your endocrine system. This ingredient is commonly found in products that use foaming action to cleanse. Under certain conditions, DEA may form nitrates, which cause cancer. What about propylene glycol? When EPA employees handle this substance, they are required to wear gloves for protection. The ingredient, which you can also find in antifreeze, continues to appear in oral care products nonetheless. This is troubling when you consider the potential for abnormalities affecting the kidneys, liver, and brain with long-term exposure.

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