Biting Your Nails And Why You Should Stop

nail bitingIf you’re biting your nails, it’s probably something you have been doing for quite a while. You may find that the intensity and frequency of your nail biting (which may include the skin surrounding your nails) waxes and wanes. However, once the habit forms it is generally not something that magically goes away. We suggest, as a result, that you dedicate some energy to learning more about why it’s bad for your oral health and what you can do to make things better.

About Nail Biting And Your Teeth

If you are biting your fingernails, you are using your teeth to do something other than to chew food or to form words – in general, we suggest against using your smile for anything else to avoid any oral health problems. Though immediate damage is possible (you could accidentally scrape your gum tissue, for instance), it’s the long-term effects that concern us most. For example, the constant motion encourages and worsens problems like bruxism (grinding or clenching your teeth) as well as TMJ disorder (jaw joints that are not functioning correctly).

What To Do

If you are struggling with nail biting and/or any of the aforementioned concerns that can become aggravated by this habit, we encourage you to schedule a visit to speak with us about it. First, we will be able to tell you whether any damage has occurred to your oral health and offer appropriate treatments to restore or protect your smile (perhaps you need an oral appliance for bruxism or TMJ disorder). We can then provide you with some helpful suggestions for stopping the habit altogether.


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