Calcium and Your Healthy Smile

calcium and your healthy smileAside from the fact that your food enters your body through your mouth, the nutrients you ingest have a significant impact on your continuing oral health. Like the rest of your body, the soft tissues and structures that comprise your smile require fuel in the form of minerals and nutrients to remain healthy and fully-functional. Although there are many, one of the most important minerals for good oral health is calcium, which benefits your smile in more than one way.

Calcium and Jawbone Strength

Many people recognize calcium for its celebrated role in forming and maintaining strong bones. As the foundation of your smile, your jawbone relies on such strength to support and sustain your teeth. If your jawbone grows weak from calcium deficiency, or for any other reason, then the resulting lack of strength can lead to varying degrees of tooth loss. Left untreated, your deteriorating jawbone will eventually become noticeable in the form of facial collapse.

Calcium and Teeth’s Protection

Though your teeth are often compared to your bones, they are fundamentally different structures; however, they share one important factor in common—both are comprised mainly of mineral crystals, especially calcium. The difference is that the proteins which form your tooth enamel stretch the minerals to form strands that are thousands of times longer and more resilient than those that form your bones. To remain strong, your tooth enamel requires a steady supply of calcium and other minerals. Otherwise, the acid produced by sugar-hungry bacteria can erode the protective layer, exposing your tooth to bacterial infection and tooth decay.


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