Caring For Porcelain: FAQs

Caring for Porcelain FAQsAre you planning on receiving porcelain restorations or porcelain veneers? Are you excited about the benefits but you are starting to feel concerned about what you can expect in the long run? The good new is that porcelain is likely stronger and more resilient than you may imagine. Allow us to answer some FAQs about porcelain care, so you can rest easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Care

Question: Is porcelain extremely fragile? I’m worried that I need to avoid certain foods to avoid shattering my dental work.

Answer: While porcelain on its own is fragile, porcelain restorations and cosmetic work is strong and durable. This is due to the way the work is crafted – typically out of multiple layers for great strength. Keep in mind, however, that foods or actions that may crack or damage your natural tooth tissue will also harm porcelain dental work – use this as your guide.

Question: Will porcelain stain easily? Is there something special I should do to keep my treatment looking as good as it does the moment I receive it?

Answer: Porcelain will not stain easily. However, it can eventually stain. Do the following to prevent discoloration: Decrease your intake of staining foods (like coffee) or rinse with water (then brush 30 minutes later after drinks and snacks). Continue to brush twice daily (using a soft-bristle toothbrush) and floss once daily. Continue visiting us twice a year for preventive care.

Question: Can I bleach my porcelain restorations or cosmetic treatment with teeth whitening? What should I do if I plan on whitening my smile?

Answer: If you are receiving a porcelain restoration, such as a crown or inlay, it is important to whiten your smile first – you cannot bleach porcelain. If you are choosing porcelain veneers, you may simply customize the shade of your smile while we consult with you regarding your preferences for your veneers – then, caring for your smile will keep them bright.


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