Children’s Dentistry: True-or-False

thumbsupgirlYour little one’s smile brings you so much joy, which is why you have probably been wondering about how to protect it. While parents often feel a bit concerned about bringing their child to the dentist, scheduling a visit as soon as a first tooth erupts is your best bet in safeguarding that adorable grin for years to come. Take a stroll through a true-or-false quiz to gain a bit more insight into the world of pediatric dentistry and how it will benefit your child.

The Quiz

Take the following questions into consideration when planning your child’s dentistry visit. True or False?:

  1. Your dental team will expect you to thoroughly prepare your child for the dental visit so we can quickly get through the appointment
  2. It is probably best to wait until your child’s teeth are fully developed before visiting the dentist consistently
  3. Pediatric dentistry focuses on providing preventive treatments to protect your child’s teeth and gums
  4. Beginning excellent dental hygiene habits early in life is extremely important

The Answers

  1. False. Speaking with your child and encourage him or her to feel good about the dental visit is always helpful. However, we strive to ensure your child feels comfortable. We will allow your little one to adjust to the new sights, sounds, and smells of the office, and we will practicing compassionate, gentle techniques.
  2. False. The best move you can make is to bring your child in for a checkup as soon as his or her first tooth erupts, or by your child’s first birthday. By monitoring and protecting teeth as they develop, we can often prevent oral disease and re-direct developmental problems before they become difficult to treat.
  3. True. We offer pediatric dentistry solutions, such as dental sealants to protect your child’s hard-to-reach teeth against plaque and tooth decay. We also provide sports guards to protect your child’s teeth during high-impact activities.
  4. True. The sooner the better. By creating good habits early in life, your child is more likely to continue practicing excellent dental hygiene independently for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth and gums.

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