Clear Braces 101: Your Common Questions

smilewhiteorangeflowerAre you excited about the idea of enjoying a straighter smile but a bit upset at the thought of wearing metal braces? Rather than worrying about the potential side effects of conventional braces, you may benefit from learning about the advantages of clear braces. Not quite sure what to make of clear braces? At our practice, we offer orthodontic systems that rely on clear plastic aligner trays rather than brackets and wires. If this is sounding like something that may work with your daily and long-term goals for your smile, learn more with the following questions and answers:

Clear Braces Q&A

Question: What is an aligner tray?

Answer: Our clear braces systems, Invisalign and ClearCorrect, both use aligner trays to straighten your teeth. These are custom-fitted, thin, plastic trays that will fit over your top or bottom teeth. The trays are constructed to shift your teeth over the course of your treatment.

Question: Will you adjust my tray during visits?

Answer: No, you will wear a series of trays. You will begin with the first set and graduate through the remaining as your teeth continue to shift into alignment. You will typically wear a tray for around two weeks before beginning with the next.

Question: Do these trays hurt like conventional braces?

Answer: Because the trays are composed of smooth plastic, they will cause little to no irritation to your soft tissues.

Question: Will people be able to see my aligner trays?

Answer: One of the most exciting benefits of clear braces is that most people will not even notice your trays. After a brief adjustment period, you will even be able to speak articulately and comfortably with them in your mouth.

Question: Can I take my clear braces out during the day?

Answer: Unlike traditional braces, they are not cemented in place. You may remove your trays for up to four hours each day to eat and to clean your teeth.


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