Clear Braces: Are You A Candidate?

clearbracesblondeAre you overwhelmed with excitement to find out you don’t need to turn to metal braces to change your smile from misaligned to the straight, beautiful grin you’ve always dreamed about for yourself? You may worry that your initial happiness will suddenly be dashed if you discover you’re not a candidate for clear aligner systems. Fortunately, our clear braces work well for most types of misalignment, which will leave you with a beautiful smile after comfortable, barely visible treatment.

Candidacy Requirements For Clear Braces

  1. Your Memory Is Good. Don’t have the best memory? Have a surprisingly poor track record for keeping up with things? You may not make the best candidate for clear braces. You see, the orthodontic system relies on clear aligner trays that you will place in your mouth and wear for approximately 20 to 22 hours each day. You will need to remember to wear them for the allotted time. You will also need to keep track of them because multiple replacements can become pricey and may set back your course of treatment.
  2. You Can Afford Metal Braces. Worried that your candidacy will be affected by your budget or your dental insurance? In most cases, clear braces run quite similarly in cost to metal braces. In addition, many dental insurance providers cover clear braces just like they do metal ones. Keep in mind, you will need to check with your insurance carrier for details.
  3. You Have A Treatable Malocclusion. Clear braces address particular types of malocclusions. While these systems can help align a variety of alignment issues, they cannot address them all. If you suffer from one of the following, you will likely qualify as a wonderful candidate for clear braces: Overcrowding, open bite, spacing, under bite, cross bite, or over bite.


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