Clearing Up Confusion About Root Canal Treatment

womanquestionWe have found that one of the most misunderstood treatments around is the root canal. We recognize that this may be because the patients who come through our doors do not arrive with many years of experience in the dental field. Rather than become frustrated, we have decided to empower our patients with knowledge. When it comes to receiving a recommendation for a root canal treatment to address tooth infection, we know you may have heard a lot of mixed information and may feel hesitant. To set your mind at ease, we offer the following information to clear up confusion, so you can feel confident about your upcoming treatment:

It’s Comfortable

Believe it or not, root canal treatment is not the uncomfortable restorative treatment you have heard about from friends or by reading horror stories online. In fact, one of the main benefits of root canals is that they lead you away from the discomfort caused by an infected tooth toward regained comfort. We will always begin treatment by numbing your tooth and the surrounding area, so you can expect a comfortable experience. Most patients will even tell you that a root canal is just as comfortable as a filling – it simply requires a longer visit.

You Really Do Need It

Root canal treatment can save your tooth from an extraction. This means that you can keep your tooth in your mouth, preventing the need for removal and a costly tooth replacement. You need a root canal because of the following:

  • Your dental pulp is either damaged or infected – your pulp houses the life center of your tooth, including nerves and blood vessels. When it becomes damaged, it cannot heal, which means your tooth will die. By removing the pulp, we can treat your tooth so it may remain successfully in your mouth. After sealing your tooth and filling it, we will cover and protect it with a dental crown.
  • Neglecting an infected or severely damaged tooth places your entire smile at risk. An infection may abscess and/or spread to surrounding tissues that are otherwise healthy and in no need of repair. The potential result? A widespread problem that requires additional, complex treatment. Agree to a root canal treatment and you have done your entire mouth a wonderful service.


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