Common Questions About Dental Crowns

dentalcrownwhiteOnce you become familiar with the reason you need a dental crown, you may find that what began as a simple question suddenly blossoms into a long list of additional inquiries. Fortunately, we are accustomed to curious patients and more than happy to offer you the details you are currently lacking regarding what you can expect from receiving a crown. By helping you feel educated about your upcoming visit, we are certain you will gain a sense of confidence about the restorative care you are about to receive. 

Question #1: How Do You Plan For A Crown?

We do not hand out universally shaped crowns for our patients. Instead, we must prepare by creating a crown that fits the dimensions of your mouth, while reflecting an appearance that blends with your smile. To plan your crown, we will examine your mouth and will take impressions with a substance similar to putty.

Question #2: Who Will Make My Crown?

A master ceramicist at a dental lab will create your crown. The impressions we take of your teeth will harden into molds, which we will provide to the lab. Based on the color of the rest of your teeth and your impressions, the ceramicist will create a custom-designed porcelain crown.

Question #3: What If It Doesn’t Fit Perfectly?

It is important for a dental crown to fit quite comfortably to avoid altering the balance of your bite (which may lead to jaw stress). We will make tiny necessary adjustments to the crown to make sure your smile feels completely comfortable.

Question #4: Will It Look Natural?

Yes, your dental crown will look natural. Composed of multiple layers of translucent porcelain, a material that looks similar to your own natural tooth tissue, you can expect a lifelike finish. 


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