3 Reasons to Consider Sleep Apnea Treatment

sleepinwomanhappyHave you begun wondering why you sleep through the night but you feel exhausted during the day? Have your friends been telling you that you’re awfully moody lately? If you happen to associate as a snorer, you may also suffer from a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. And those nights full of rest – you may be waking up throughout the night without even realizing it. Become familiar with this issue to determine whether sleep apnea treatment may improve your daily comfort.

You Are Exhausted

Having a late night occasionally won’t cause you too much harm. But every night? Extended lack of sleep prevents your body from resting adequately for comfortable, effective daily functioning. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may wake several times during the night when your air passages become block from collapsed throat tissues. You will wake gasping for air. However, this will happen so quickly that you will fall asleep without any memory of the experience. The result? Daily fatigue. The answer? Sleep apnea treatment.

Your Sleep Apnea Could Harm Your Relationship

Does your significant other complain about your excessive snoring? How about those moments throughout the night when you wake making choking sounds? You may not be the only one dealing with daily exhaustion. The common side effects associated with this disorder often affect one’s partner just as greatly, including moodiness and trouble concentrating.

Treatment Is Comfortable

Treatment is simple and comfortable. You will wear an oral device similar to a mouthguard each night while you sleep. The appliance will reposition your jaws very gently. This new position will encourage your throat and airways to remain open while you sleep for effective breathing.

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