Cosmetic Care: 2 Reasons Everyone Qualifies

Cosmetic Care 2 Reasons Everyone QualifiesIf you have spent any time worrying that you won’t qualify for cosmetic care to make your smile look lovely and bright, then it is certainly time to stop fretting. The great news is that everyone qualifies for cosmetic improvement. It’s simply a matter of meeting with you for a cosmetic consultation, so we can strategically draw up a plan that best matches your particular needs. Curious about how this is possible for patients with significant oral health concerns? Allow us to offer some helpful clarification.

Because We Offer Comprehensive Treatments

First things first, our patients typically qualify for cosmetic care in part because we offer a comprehensive selection of cosmetic treatments. As a result, there is no problem too big or too small for our practice. Need help with a discolored smile? We can help with teeth whitening. Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of issues you’re faced with? We offer smile makeovers. We will determine which unique treatment or set of treatments is appropriate.

Restorative Dentistry Can Save The Day

Let’s say you show up to our practice to discuss your smile and you require care for cavities or infection – no problem. We will begin your care plan by providing restorative treatments. Once oral health is regained, we will then select cosmetic care services. Or, perhaps you show up with severe cosmetic damage. While your oral health is fine – your teeth look quite damaged. In the case of severe esthetic concerns, we may turn to certain restorations like porcelain crowns to offer the full coverage your smile needs for beautiful cosmetic improvement.


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