Cosmetic Dental Treatments Part 2

cos2People value their smiles and they should. Your smile is the first thing most people notice and it can grab their attention. A bright, beautiful smile brings all kinds of rewards. For instance, people with engaging smiles have more friends, better jobs, and even get paid more! Because people value their smiles, and rightly so, cosmetic dentistry has grown with leaps and bounds. While Hollywood smiles used to be only for celebrities, politicians, and TV personalities, today anyone can have a winning smile. If you are embarrassed by your smile because your teeth are stained, chipped, cracked, worn down, crooked, missing, or have spaces, read our second installment of cosmetic dental treatments.

Cosmetic Treatments Part 2

Today’s cosmetic treatment discussion includes crowns, implants, and bridges. These treatments tend to be more invasive and more costly than the treatments discussed in part 1.

  • Dental Crowns: Used to restore severely worn, decay, or damaged teeth, dental crowns restore function, shape, and appearance. Available in a variety of materials, material choice is often decided upon by strength and esthetics according to what area of the mouth the restoration is taking place.
  • Implants: Used to replace missing teeth with a strong, functional, and esthetic restoration, implants require a complex surgical procedure.
  • Dental Bridge: Used to replace one or more adjacent missing teeth, the dental bridge literally “bridges” the gap between teeth by filling the space with false teeth while being anchored to adjacent teeth using metal wires or crowns. 


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