Nature only gives us one set of permanent teeth, and unfortunately, in some circumstances, natural teeth can be lost to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and improve your appearance, whether you have lost all your teeth or have some of your natural teeth remaining.

Our dentists at A New Smile Dental Group provide individual patient care with high-quality modern dentistry at affordable prices to people of all ages in Santa Clarita. We offer “comfort dentistry,” using silent instruments and topical, injection-free anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or conscious sedation. If you have lost all or most of your natural teeth, request an appointment with our Santa Clarita dentist to discuss complete or partial dentures to restore your smile.

Benefits of Dentures

Our teeth play an important part in the structure and contours of the face. When a number of teeth are missing, it can cause the muscles of the face to sag and add years to a person’s appearance. Dentures help fill out the face and improve the profile and overall facial balance. They can be made similar in appearance to the patient’s natural teeth, and dentures create a more attractive, natural looking smile.

Clearly, we need our teeth to chew anything other than soft foods. If your natural teeth are missing, dentures can make it possible to eat a wider variety of foods, for better nutrition, which can improve your general health. Speaking properly is also easier when missing teeth are replaced with dentures.

Types of Dentures

Dentures may be complete (no remaining natural teeth) or partial (some remaining natural teeth). There are two different types of complete dentures:

  • Conventional: After the remaining teeth are removed, it takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks for the mouth to heal before conventional dentures are ready to be placed in the mouth.
  • Immediate: These appliances can be made in advance and positioned in the mouth immediately after the remaining teeth are removed, so the patient does not have to go without teeth during the healing period. However, bones and gums often shrink after tooth removal, and immediate dentures may require frequent adjustments for a proper fit while the mouth is healing.

Partial dentures, also known as overdentures, are removable appliances used when some of the natural teeth can be saved to provide stability and support for the dentures and to preserve the jawbone. The remaining natural teeth are prepared by the dentist and the partial denture fits over them. The replacement teeth are generally attached to a gum-colored plastic base and sometimes connected by a metal framework.

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