Could You Be Making Your Sleep Apnea Worse?

sleepingmangrayIs your significant other telling you that you make loud choking or gasping noises at night? Do you feel exhausted during the day? Allow us to determine whether sleep apnea is affecting your sleep, so we can offer effective treatment to restore nightly rest. By wearing a custom-fitted oral appliance to promote open air passages, you can expect an improved ability to remain asleep each night. However, you may wonder if there’s anything you’re doing every day to make matters worse. Actually, there may be. Ready to find out about changes you can make to more effectively address your sleep disorder? Consider the following:

You Sleep On Your Back

This may not be the easiest solution but it is certainly worth attempting to train yourself into a new sleeping position. When you sleep on your side, your airways naturally remain more open than when you sleep on your back. Back sleepers are more prone to sleep apnea because their soft palate and tongue are more likely to slip back gently toward the throat, thereby contributing to the blockage of air intake.

You Rely On Alcohol or Medication for Relaxation

Enjoying a drink or a sleeping pill for a relaxing, sleep-filled night may sound like a good idea. However, it may end up being counterproductive if you’re a sleep apnea sufferer. In addition to choosing sleep apnea treatment, you should consider skipping the artificial relaxants. They will cause your throat muscles to relax, which may contribute to the nightly collapse of your throat tissues and chronic sleep interruptions.

You Don’t Exercise

Exercise is a wonderful way to tire your body out, to release endorphins so you feel naturally at ease, and as a way to lose weight. The first couple factors can affect your ability to fall asleep. The final – excess weight – may physically contribute to the obstruction of your airways while you sleep. Plan to shed excess weight that places additional pressure on your airways and you may experience a significant improvement.


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