Dental Bridge Support Options

dentalbridgeHave you been carefully sifting through your teeth replacement options for prosthetics that replace one tooth, two teeth in a row, or three teeth side-by-side? If so, you have likely discovered the dental bridge and its many advantages. A series of connected artificial teeth, the bridge can replace any one of these tooth loss configurations, providing fixed, long-term wear. Curious about how your mouth will support your bridge? Fortunately, we offer two types of support to ensure we can address the diverse smile needs and goals of our patients. Learn more to discover which type of support is best for you. 

Traditional Support

A dental bridge is made up of artificial teeth that are all connected as a single piece. On each end of the bridge rests a dental crown – a hollow, artificial tooth. We will place the tooth over each abutment teeth. These are the two teeth that surround the open space in your smile – one on either side of the gap. If these natural teeth are healthy, we will use a special type of cement to bond the crowns. Attached between these crowns is one or up to three pontics, or artificial teeth, crafted to fill the opening.

Implant Support

If you are worried that your abutment teeth are too unhealthy to support your dental bridge, we understand your concern. Fortunately, we may be able to address this problem by placing dental implants to act as your support system. Implants are titanium posts that replace tooth roots. Once you have recovered from the implant process, which may take a few months, we can securely fix the bridge over the implants for stable wear.


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