Dental Checkups: How They Protect Your Smile

smilethumbsupHave you ever wondered what exactly it is we are looking for during your checkup? Perhaps you think that once every six months seems awfully frequent for a preventive service. As it turns out, visiting us for frequent dental checkups is one of the best things you can do for your smile. Wondering about the details and how this service protects your smile? Consider the following:

We Detect Changes Before Serious Damage Occurs

Imagine you develop a cavity between checkups. You know that cavities are progressive in nature and will continue to grow if you neglect them. Let’s say that cavity is small and easy to treat after having formed over the course of only six months. Now imagine you visit us after two years. That cavity may have become extremely large, may have led to a tooth infection, or may have caused your tooth to break. The result? The need for more extensive, costly treatment. Checkups can save you anguish and money.

Treatment Success Rates Improve

Perhaps your gums have become slightly inflamed and we find you have gingivitis. Or, perhaps there’s been a change in the lining of your mouth, which points to the possibility of oral cancer. By visiting us every six months, we can more easily detect these changes. In addition, we can provide treatment right away for a greatly improved success rate.

We May Detect and Treat Things That Will Surprise You

Wondering why you feel exhausted so often? And what’s with everyone complaining about your moodiness? If so, you may suffer from sleep apnea. Whether you suffer from this sleep disorder — or some other concern — we may be able to identify and treat the underlying cause of a problem you didn’t even realize was connected to your oral health.


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