Dental Hygiene 101

toothbrushesblueishMaintaining healthy teeth and gums is complex but that does not mean it is difficult. Fortunately, once you become familiar with the straightforward, unchanging methods of achieving a healthy smile, you will find that you’re on the right track. First, excellent home care is absolutely essential and easy to practice as long as you have a solid handle on the best approach for successful dental hygiene. Next, we encourage patients to recognize the great importance of incorporating professional dental care into their six-month routines. By visiting us for preventive – and sometimes restorative – care, we can consistently guide you with appropriate treatments that ensure your long-term oral health. Looking for a straightforward guide? Look no further:

Brush, Brush, Floss

First, you need to care for your teeth at home. Did you know that within 24 to 48 hours, plaque – the leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease – may harden into a substance called calculus, which you will not be able to remove with brushing and flossing? Fortunately, by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes every time you brush, and flossing at least once daily, you remove a substantial amount of plaque. We recommend using a soft-bristle toothbrush that you replace once every three months for best results.

Schedule Preventive Visits

During your six-month visits, we will take a closer look at your oral cavity to determine whether changes have taken place. If anything looks abnormal, we will diagnose the problem and offer immediate treatment to quickly guide you back to oral health. In addition, we will remove the plaque you cannot address with home dental hygiene and polish your teeth, so you leave with a truly clean smile. Again, this comprehensive plaque removal will protect you from tooth decay and gum disease.

Say “Yes” To Recommended Gum Therapy

Dealing with irritated, inflamed gums? If we find that you suffer from gum disease, we strongly encourage you to agree to gum therapy. Periodontal disease is serious, progressive, and may lead to severe side effects like tooth loss and bone deterioration. By treating this problem immediately, we can safeguard your smile.


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