Dental Implants And Your Jaw Health

dentalimplantcloseupYour oral framework works as one wonderfully complete unit. Your jawbone anchors your teeth that are supported by your gum tissue – as a result, you can chew your food, speak, sing, laugh, and more. So, when you face tooth loss, you may quickly discover that these typically simple daily tasks become challenging. As a result, patients often turn to dental implants to fully restore smiles. However, they don’t always realize just how far the benefits of implants reach – all the way down to your jawbone, in fact! Just one more reason to give some serious thought to implants.

About Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post. Unlike other prosthetics that sit on the surface of your gum, this post will rest within your gum tissue and jawbone. We will place it surgically – hence the term “implant” – as a means of replacing your missing tooth’s roots. Over time, the dental implant will fuse with your jawbone tissue. We call this “osseointegration.” Then, we can restore or “top” the implant with a dental crown and your entire tooth is replaced, receiving excellent stability from the bond between the implant and your jaw.

Jaw Health Benefits Of Implants

Your jaw offers support to the implant but did you know that the implant offers an exceptional benefit to your jaw health, as well? Here’s what’s going on: Usually, your natural roots offer stimulation to your jawbone when you bite down, which lets your body know your jaw needs nutrients (so it may remain alive and healthy). After tooth loss, your jawbone may deteriorate because there is no longer a tooth to support (or to offer stimulation). Dental implants offer the same stimulation, thereby protecting your long-term jaw health.


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