Dental Implants: Does Anyone Qualify?

dentalimplantpiecebypieceWhen it comes to seeking implants to replace teeth that you have lost, you may find yourself wondering exactly who qualifies for these prosthetics. It seems that receiving something that requires surgery and provides so many benefits must bring with it a narrowed-down candidate pool. While it’s true that qualifying for dental implants is certainly more challenging than qualifying for a traditional denture or bridge, this option is accessible to many patients. Learn a bit more.

You’re Never Too Old

Are you worrying that you may have crossed a threshold when it comes to age? The good new is that you are never too old to receive dental implants. Once you have reached adulthood, your age will not be considered a factor if you are interested in implants to replace your teeth.

You Can Be Too Young

While you can never be too old for dental implants, age can become a factor for individuals who are too young. This becomes relevant because we place the implant into your jawbone. If that bone is still growing and developing, it is not a stable place for an implant. As a result, children will not qualify, nor will most teenagers. We will need to examine your child’s jawbone to determine whether growth has ceased before he or she will qualify. This generally occurs after 18 years of age or older.

You Need General and Jaw Health

You will qualify for dental implant placement only if you are healthy enough to receive oral surgery. Also, your jawbone must be healthy enough and full enough to offer support to implants. Otherwise, you may require regenerative treatment before you are a candidate.


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