Does Your Child Need A Filling?

childpointingmouthWe often find that parents have many inquiries when it comes to the oral health of their children. We are, of course, more than happy to answer your questions about pediatric care to ensure you and your child feel comfortable and confident about treatment. When it comes to tooth decay, you may feel curious about what to expect when we suggest a dental filling for your child. You may also wonder whether the decision to go through with this restorative treatment is necessary. Rest assured, we always make conservative choices. And as always, we have your child’s best interest and comfort in mind.

About Tooth Decay

Just like mom or dad, your little one’s tooth is vulnerable to tooth decay. This is a small hole – called a cavity – that develops when the bacteria within plaque eat away at tooth tissue. The not-so-great news is that this leaves your child’s tooth susceptible to discomfort and complications. The good news is that we can protect your child from additional problems, while restoring the health of the tooth with a filling.

About Pediatric Care and Fillings

Your little one requires a filling just like you would if you were to experience a cavity. However, your child needs different bedside treatment than you. Rest assured, you can expect care tailored to the needs of your child, including a gentle approach, the creation of a tranquil environment, and an enormous amount of empathy.

Your Concerns

You may worry your child’s tooth will look unsightly after treatment or that the experience will be uncomfortable. First, we use composite fillings, which are free of metal and mercury. We will color-match the synthetic resin material we use to the shade of your child’s tooth for a gorgeous finish. In addition, we will numb your child’s tooth and the area around the tooth – we also offer sedation as part of pediatric care for additional relaxation.


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