Don’t Delay Restorative Treatments

dateandtimeWe understand your desire to delay a restorative treatment once we have made a diagnosis and recommendation for care. However, we cannot urge you strongly enough to take a look at your schedule, make some time, and plan an appointment for the service you need. It is important to recognize that the sooner you allow us to the fix the problem, the greater your ability to avoid serious side effects and complications. Rather than generalizing, we suggest you take a detailed look at commonly performed restorative services, so you more clearly understand the need to make your visit a priority.

If You Delay A Filling

If you delay a dental filling, you can find yourself dealing with a variety of problems. You see, this restorative treatment stops your tooth from decaying. Waiting will allow the decay to continue, which means your cavity may become deeper and wider. Remaining tissue becomes more and more fragile (which promotes breakage), nerves become exposed (which promotes discomfort), and the interior portion of your tooth may become accessible (which may lead to infection).

If You Delay A Crown

If you delay a dental crown, you can find yourself without any other option but a dental extraction. For this reason, we recommend you schedule an immediate visit for a crown. You see, if your tooth is already damaged and you leave it unprotected, it may shatter beyond repair. Or, it may become infected, while resulting in a need for a root canal treatment and then a crown. Act with urgency to avoid infection, tooth removal, and the need for a costly tooth replacement.

If You Delay Root Canal Treatment

If you delay your root canal treatment, the infection will continue to become worse and worse. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious consequences. First, the root may abscess, which means a painful pocket of pus may form. The abscess may rupture. The infection may leak, spreading to nearby otherwise healthy tissue. On top of requiring additional treatments, you may also need an extraction if the infection is too severe. Don’t delay – say yes to this restorative treatment right away.


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