Easter Fun Time With Brushing

toothbrushheadspastelAre you curious about ways to make brushing with your kids more fun? Why not take advantage of the upcoming Easter holiday and turn it into a new way to make dental hygiene an enjoyable, festive experience? Consider a few helpful suggestions we have gathered, so you can look forward to a day full of candy (it’s quite possible your children will really want some!) and healthy smiles, too!

Purchase Pastel Products

Looking for a way to celebrate Easter without focusing solely on providing your children with chocolate bunnies? While candy is certainly an enjoyable indulgence that we don’t expect you to give up, we like coming up with other ideas that make your little one’s day fun. By concentrating on purchasing dental hygiene products, it’s a double whammy! You can give your children a present that happens to keep their smiles clean and healthy, too. Consider the following:

  • Choose a pastel-hued toothbrush for each child
  • Purchase toothpaste (paste generally looks more pastel than gel) with a pastel color, such as pink or mint green
  • Purchase a pastel-hued or Easter-themed toothbrush holder or cup

Practice Brushing After Sugary Snacks

Do your children realize that sugar can lead to cavities? You might want to take this moment to teach them a bit more about dental hygiene! After your little ones eat whatever exciting chocolate eggs or other dessert item they have received, have them drink water or rinse their smiles with water. This is an important way to wash sugar particles off of teeth before brushing. Then, make sure to wait about a half hour before you brush, otherwise you may actually harm your teeth. After the waiting period, have everyone brush their teeth and you’ll have accomplished the protection you need.


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