FAQs About Your Tongue

FAQs About your TongueIf we were to ask you a few questions about your teeth – or about your gums – you would probably be able to provide us with an impressive amount of information. After all, you have been learning about your smile (and effective preventive care) since you were a little kid. However, if we were to ask you some questions about your tongue in relation to your oral health, we would not be surprised if we were met with confused faces. Today, rather than ask questions, we will provide you with some frequently mentioned inquiries (and answers), so you can learn more regarding this essential part of your mouth.

Your Tongue: Questions and Answers

Question: What is the main function of the tongue? Does it do much more than allow us to taste our food?

Answer: Yes, this organ in your mouth is extremely important for multiple functions. It does allow you to taste your food. Your tongue plays a pivotal role in speech development and your ability to form words. It also helps you to chew your food and to swallow.

Question: Why do I have these indented areas along the outside of my tongue? Is this just what my tongue looks like?

Answer: Tongues are unique to each patient – if you notice that your tongue suddenly develops what appear to be indented areas along the outer border, you might be dealing with a functional disorder called bruxism, which may affect your oral health. This means that you are grinding or clenching your teeth without realizing it, which is creating the scalloped appearance. Fortunately, bruxism is easy to treat.

Question: Sometimes I accidentally bite my tongue, which causes it to hurt. What should I do if it suddenly hurts or looks different even if I haven’t bitten it?

Answer: If you notice changes – particularly sores, lumps, redness, a pink appearance, discomfort, or swelling – we always suggest that you contact us right away. These may be symptoms of an underlying problem. The sooner we treat you, the greater our ability to successfully improve your oral health.


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