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We all know that brushing your teeth is vital for keeping a healthy and beautiful smile. However, people still have a lot of questions about proper brushing techniques, selecting a toothbrush, and when to replace a toothbrush. At A New Smile Dental Group, we look at common questions patients have about brushing their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brushing Your Teeth

Question: How often do I need to brush my teeth?

Answer: You should be brushing your teeth everyday, at least twice a day. Typically, people brush their teeth before bed and in the morning. Brushing your teeth helps remove plaque from your teeth and cleanse the mouth of food particles, reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Question: Does it matter what kind of bristles my toothbrush has?

Answer: Many people assume harder bristles means a more thorough cleaning. However, hard bristles can actually wear away the enamel. We recommend soft bristles, which help clean the teeth without damaging your tooth enamel.

Question: When do I need to replace my toothbrush?

Answer: You should never keep the same toothbrush fore more than four months. If you’ve been sick, we suggest immediately replacing your toothbrush as bacteria can adhere to the bristles. If the toothbrush becomes worn down then you may need a new brush.

Question: How do I get my child to brush his/her teeth?

Answer: Like adults, children should brush their teeth at least two times daily. We suggest letting them brush their teeth with you, so you can demonstrate the proper method and help them brush when necessary. You may also consider letting your little one pick out his/her own toothbrush. By making the process fun, you boost the chances of your child maintaining good oral hygiene.

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