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Have you ever received a dental crown? This common dental restoration serves a number of different purposes, repairing and preserving a damaged or infected tooth. With a dental crown, we can ensure each patient receives quality and lifelike restorations. Do you have questions about the placement and purpose of dental crowns?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Question: How do dental crowns work?

Answer: A dental crown is a cap that fits completely over the visible portion of a tooth. Crowns protect the remaining tooth structure while preventing the onset of further decay or infection. Crowns may be used to restore a tooth following a root canal procedure or to repair a decayed or infected tooth. Crowns also serve cosmetic purposes, addressing permanent stains and misshaped teeth.

Question: Can dental crowns be used to replace missing teeth?

Answer: Yes. Dental crowns can anchor a dental bridge into place and top single tooth dental implants. Designed based on impression of surrounding teeth, a dental crown looks like a natural tooth and offers long lasting restoration.

Question: What are dental crowns made from?

Answer: Crowns can be made from a number of different materials. At one time, metal was the only option available. Now, we can offer porcelain crowns, which look completely natural, and zirconia crowns, which are lifelike too, but much stronger. Zirconia crowns are great for teeth in the back of the mouth, which must endure more serious bite forces.

Question: What does the placement process involve?

Answer: First, we will prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of structure. An impression will then be taken of the tooth. Using the impression, the crown will be designed and fabricated at a dental lab. Once complete, we will check the fit and place the crown with a powerful bonding agent.

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