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Have you ever heard of wisdom tooth extraction? In many cases, patients in their late teens or early 20s will need to have their wisdom teeth removed. Otherwise, they may suffer from a number of serious dental health complications. At A New Smile Dental Group, we understand the importance of wisdom tooth extraction and offer a safe and comfortable procedure to improve oral health with the removal of wisdom teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Question: What are wisdom teeth?

Answer: Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are four additional teeth that often erupt as a person enters adulthood. Our mouths comfortably hold 28 teeth, but wisdom teeth push the number to 32, causing a number of potential negative impacts on the smile.

Question: Does everyone need them extracted?

Answer: No, not everyone needs wisdom tooth extraction. However, many do in order to maintain their current dental appearance and smile esthetics. Your dentist will monitor your teeth or possibly perform x-rays to assess the status of your wisdom teeth. If the eruption of your third molars will threaten the alignment of your smile or cause other issues, the dentist may recommend extraction.

Question: What happens if I avoid a necessary extraction?

Answer: Without extraction, wisdom tooth eruption can lead to impaction, infection, misalignment, and tooth loss.

Question: If I require an extraction for a tooth other than a wisdom tooth, can it be replaced?

Answer: Wisdom teeth don’t need to be replaced. However, if you lose another tooth in an accident or due to poor oral health, you may wish to have it replaced. We can restore your smile to full function and health with a number of tooth replacement options, including dental bridges and dental implants.

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