Fluoride: Am I Getting Enough?

questionsmindAs you may know, it is essential that you receive enough fluoride if you want to maintain strong, healthy teeth. However, what you might not know about this naturally occurring option for preventing tooth decay is how much you need, where it comes from, or if you can accidentally receive too much. Rather than continuing to feel at a loss regarding this information any longer, we encourage you to take in some helpful details. The more educated you become regarding oral health care, the easier it becomes to keep your smile healthy.

It Comes From Many Sources

In many communities in the United States, the water that comes out of your faucet has been treated. In addition to removing harmful agents from the water, the water company in your area has likely added fluoride to promote healthy teeth, which is essential to good oral health. You may also receive fluoride from toothpaste that contains fluoride (which we suggest you use). For individuals requiring more of this mineral, we may also offer fluoride treatments.

About Too Little or Too Much

How on earth does one figure out whether he or she is receiving sufficient amounts of fluoride – or if there’s a deficiency or overabundance going on? The best way to make this determination is by scheduling dental checkups with us. We will ask you questions about your daily habits and your oral health. We will also collect digital X-rays of your smile. As a result, we can learn more about whether you need more fluoride, if you’re right on target, or if you’re receiving too much.


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