Full Dentures: Benefits

maturesmilePatients experience tooth loss in a wide variety of ways. The underlying cause of your tooth loss may be quite different from that of another patient. In addition, while one patient may lose a single tooth, another may lose several. What is your tooth loss pattern like? If you answered, “I am missing a full arch of teeth,” or “I am missing all of my teeth” then it’s time you learn more about the benefits of full dentures. Suited only to your particular type of tooth loss experience, dentures can quickly and effectively improve your smile for a much more enjoyable daily life experience. Ready to find out more? Take the following benefits into consideration:

The Benefits of Full Dentures

  1. Replace All Of Your Teeth At Once. Losing a complete arch of teeth or both arches of teeth can cause you to feel overwhelmed at the idea of replacing your teeth. The good news is that a single full denture restores a complete arch. Even better? Dentures have a reputation for being budget-friendly, so you can feel confident about restoring your entire smile.
  1. Enjoy Improved Nutrition. Missing a complete arch or both arches of teeth takes a significant toll on your daily eating habits. Foods that require teeth to break them down become something you simply cannot eat. Avoiding a large amount of foods may cause you to miss out on important daily nutrients. Full dentures will allow you to consume a much wider variety of foods, so you can enjoy a healthy diet again.
  1. Restore Clear Speaking. You need your teeth to speak and to form your words. Dealing with severe tooth loss can cause you to deal with difficulty speaking and some embarrassment as a result. A denture will replace your complete arch of teeth, so you can quickly adjust to your complete smile and speak clearly again.
  1. Heighten Your Self-Esteem. Comprehensive tooth loss may have a serious effect on your confidence. You may feel embarrassed to speak with others, eat around others, and smiling may be out of the question. Replace your teeth with dentures and you can expect your self-esteem to return in an instant.


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