General Dentistry: A Quiz

womanquestionfaceWhen you were seeking a dental care provider, you may have discovered that we offer general dentistry. While you can probably take a couple good guesses about what this means, we encourage patients to have a solid understanding about all that we offer. This is beneficial to individual patients whose needs change on a daily basis. In addition, it is also extremely advantageous to families to have access to a diverse array of dentistry treatments since the needs of multiple family members tends to include many different treatments. Wondering what our general services include and how they may improve your oral health? Learn more with the following:


We offer preventive dentistry services under our “general dentistry” umbrella. This includes everything you might need to help you and your family avoid the development of oral diseases and disorders. For instance, you may visit us once every six months for dental cleanings and checkups to keep your teeth clean and to allow us to monitor you for changes that we can quickly treat, such as sleep apnea. With the use of advanced technology like digital X-rays, we will take a closer look at the inner workings of your oral cavity for a truly comprehensive understanding of your dental health.

Comfortable Care

We recognize that many patients suffer from dental anxiety. Whether you feel slightly nervous or extremely anxious, we want to reassure you that your feelings are normal and that we empathize with your situation. To make sure you feel confident and at ease, we offer patients topical anesthetics as well as sedation solutions for tranquil visits.

Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes your teeth don’t remain in the immaculate condition you hoped for. You may develop a cavity or suffer sudden breakage. Whatever the concern, our general dentistry includes restorative treatments to repair your tooth and to restore your oral health, such as fillings and dental crowns.

Suggestions for Best Home Practices

We will provide you with instructions and demonstrations of how to care for your teeth while at home. The more you know about how to keep your teeth plaque free, how to care for your gums, and which products to use, the better your ability to maintain a healthy mouth for years to come.


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