Goodbye Cavity, Hello Tooth-Colored Filling

toothfullwhiteIf you suffer from tooth decay, we will not only suggest a restorative treatment – we will recommend a tooth-colored filling that repairs your tooth, while offering wonderful cosmetic benefits. Because nearly every person will experience a cavity at some point in his or her lifetime, a dental filling is a treatment we commonly rely on to improve the oral health of our patients. Wondering why we feel so certain our fillings will leave you smiling? Learn more about what to expect and what’s so wonderful about white fillings:

Cavities Can Become Serious

A cavity is a hole in your tooth that occurs as a result of plaque. The bacteria in plaque eat away at your tooth tissue, eventually softening your enamel until an opening develops. A small cavity is something we can treat easily and that is not likely to cause your tooth any great harm. However, that cavity will only continue to grow and worsen. Because tooth decay is progressive, the sooner we detect it and offer you a filling, the greater your ability to avoid serious complications, which may include an infected tooth, the need for root canal treatment, or an extraction.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Offer Many Benefits

First, understand what to expect from a filling. After numbing your tooth and the surrounding area, we will clean away the decayed tissue and debris from within your cavity. We will then fill it with an acrylic resin material called composite. In addition to removing the tooth decay and restoring your tooth’s health, you can expect the following advantages from tooth-colored fillings:

  • We will color-match the composite to your surrounding tooth, so nobody will ever know you had a cavity
  • Composite is metal-free and safe for nearly everyone, including children, pregnant women, and people allergic to metal
  • Composite does not conduct heat or cold, so you will not experience heightened temperature-related sensitivity


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