Help! My Smile … Looks Horrible

smile pointingatteethWhen you discover that we offer emergency evaluations and treatment at our practice, you may breathe a huge sigh of relief. Thank goodness you can contact us immediately when your tooth hurts or you accidentally break it! In addition, you may be surprised to learn that even dental emergencies that are cosmetic in nature typically qualify for urgent visits. Allow us to explain a bit more, so you feel comfortable taking advantage of this service when necessary.

About Your Emergency Evaluation

When it comes to your smile, there are a couple major facets that we like to protect. First, your oral health is essential. Second, the appearance of your smile is also extremely important. While you may not feel as much urgency regarding the esthetic value of your grin most of the time, what if you break a tooth the morning of your wedding? What if you are about to give a big presentation but you accidentally chip your tooth? Schedule an emergency evaluation – your concerns are worthy of repair!

What We Offer

We offer comprehensive emergency dental care, so the first step in improving the way your smile looks (or any other dental problem) is contacting us for an emergency evaluation. We will find a time for you to visit us right away, so we can investigate what happened, put a plan into motion, and send you home with the beautifully improved smile you want and need. Keep in mind, emergency care also addresses everything from infection and periodontal problems to addressing impacted teeth and significant discomfort.


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